Bernina Gran Turismo

Vintage Classics – Classic Cars in den Alpen – von 21. bis 23. September 2018. | more…


It’s all about the 5.7 km of tarmac between La Rösa and Ospizio Bernina – in fact the most appealing stretch of the Bernina Pass road. Over 50 curves wind up 459 vertical meters from 1.871 m to the very top of this great road at 2.330 m above sea level. The surface has almost race track quality and you can’t think of a better road for a real hillclimb race. A great safety concept makes the track suitable not only for „normal“ race and sports cars but also for Formula cars of all kind. There is even a historic model, the Bernina Grand Prix, which was the most important part of the „Automobilwoche St. Moritz“ back in 1929 and 1930.


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